Jun 14, 2012

house hunting update

we are still house hunting.
we have been renting for nearly 4 years, and i have to say that it kinda stinks.
i am really, really ready to get my OWN house again.
we have had a few things almost come through for us...but almost doesn't really count
when it comes to real estate.
i have been really quiet about our search lately. we have just had so many
disappointments, and it is hard to get your hopes up and then have them dashed to pieces.
it was just easier to suffer in silence.
we have turned up the volume on our search over the last few weeks.
and we MAY have finally found something that will work...?
just maybe, the stars have finally aligned?
i certainly hope so. no one will be more excited than me if it happens.
i promise to bring you along for the ride.
cuz if this goes through, it is going
to be a very FUN ride.


  1. omg, are you gonna be building a new house?!?! My hubby and I just bought a new townhouse and we break ground in august. I have a picture of an empty lot, too - how funny :)

    1. ack! maybe??? we should know if we can make things work in a week or two...i HOPE so, at least!

  2. Sounds promising, Autumn. Will you be building again?
    I understand how you feel about keeping things quiet. Sometimes it's tough for your disappointments to be so...public. I have learned this the hard way over the past year while my family has struggled with the ups and downs of trying to sell our home.

    If it does work out, I'll enjoy following along. If not, it wasn't the right spot for you guys anyway.

  3. Best wishes! I totally understand not wanting to public suffer the disappointment. We are also trying to find the perfect home, but it just seems like even the best leads fall through. I have taken to also keeping silent because I can't even bear to tell friends another situation fell through . . . again. BEST WISHES!

  4. Good Luck Autumn, I hope this one comes through for your family! Looking forward to the ride!

  5. Good luck with your search!! I really hope things work out for you! I'm sorry you've been going through some heartache. I'm with you on the "renting stinks" issue. It's hard to have great ideas for your home and know that you can't really do them without an act of congress AND losing your deposit.

    Crossing my fingers for you!

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  7. Aww I am sorry you have had some house hunting heartache! I hope this one comes through for you! Crossing my fingers!

  8. Six months has passed, Autumn. Have you finally found the house you're dreaming of? It's kind of hard to look for one, but have you tried to talk to a broker or an agent to look for the house suits best with the resources you have?