Jun 5, 2012

get out.

ahhh...it's officially summer.
yes, i know i mentioned that on friday, but with three kids, it's kinda a big deal.
no homework. no driving kids to and from school. no waking up at the crack of dawn. no emergency drives to the school for lunch money/forgotten gym clothes/missing homework/lost permission slips.
i really like summer!
one thing i am am looking forward to, besides spending more time with my kids, is eating outside. during the summer months, we eat outside as often as possible. (a much less humid and bug-fillled feat in the west than in the south!)
here are some outdoor spaces that make me want to spend the entire day outside...

casual, chic, traditional and streamlined.

*are you kidding me?
i could hang out here all day. ALL day.

i really love the large pot here. and that retaining wall is really beautiful.

i might be a little too practical for a gravel patio, but i love the way this looks anyway.
(i want to walk outside barefoot and curl up with a magazine and a glass of lemonade...gravel 
patios would wart my toesies!)

how great would  it be to eat here??

this one is perfection.
 i love the huge impact of this rather small space. it feels so private and cozy,
and ulta-elegant.

love this one too.  the wicker furniture is gorgeous paired with the stone floors and vine covered pergola.

love the details in this *simple pool cabana.

ahh. brick pavers and potted boxwood. right up my ally!

rustic elegance.
gorgeous herringbone pattern on the brick patio.
yeah, i know. this is definitely leaning towards the "elegance"....

totally in love this this as well. the outsdoor fireplace acts as a sculptural element, and the
entire scene is so inviting.

to see sources for the above images are on my pinterest board "outdoor living"


  1. OMG, I love summers too, the no checking homework thing is the best part of summer. Unfortunately I spend part of my summer in the south and I hate bugs so no outside for me.

  2. I'm trying to pick a favorite among the images you showed here, but it's pretty much impossible. Enjoy your time with the kids this summer, that break from the homework is sooo nice, isn't it?

  3. I would love an outdoor space...the problem is we could only use it in fall winter and spring. It is TOO dang HOT here in AZ during the summer!