Jun 23, 2012

book-look: segreto:secrets to finishing beautiful interiors

i was recently contacted by leslie, the owner of segreto finishes, a premier decorative painting and plastering company based in houston, texas. leslie recently wrote and self-published her first book, Segreto: Secrets To Finishing Beautiful Interiors, a 300 page oversized boutique coffee table book filled with stunning interiors with a focus on why different finishes were chosen for different architectural and design styles. 
i was thrilled when leslie sent me a copy of her book, and i was able to see some of the beautiful finishes showcased. the book is really beautiful, and is filled with calming, layered spaces featuring leslie's handiwork. 
here a a few of my faves: 

since the book was self-published, leslie decided to self-distribute it as well! don't you love a lady who can take charge like that? the book is only available at select book stores, but lucky for you, you can buy it online here.

other links you might find useful:
click here to see segreto finishes web page (there is an additional link here where you can purchase the book), and here for leslie's blog, which is full of gorgeous inspiration pictures, and totally worth a visit!

happy weekend friends! 
(how in the world is june almost OVER??)


  1. Hi Autumn!

    I can attest to the fact that this is one of the most luxe interior design and finishes books you will want to add to your collection!! Leslie and her team do the most exquisite and artful work.

    Art by Karena
    Artist Series 2012

  2. Leslie's work is incredible and I"ve so enjoyed getting to see it! Thanks for posting this and I can't wait to see the book!

  3. Thanks so much Autumn for the great review! What a nice surprise to see it when I was reading your blog! I am so thankful! Xo. Leslie

  4. WOW!Gorgeous!!!!These are really breathtaking!!Such amazing inspirations!

  5. I work for Julie Dodson and we LOVE Segreto and use them all the time!