Dec 16, 2012

easy, affordable gift wrapping ideas

i actually shared some of these ideas last year, but i posted them too late to really, i thought i would be nice and repost them, along with a few new ideas.

 a page from a coloring book + a kraft paper tag with a large initial + colored twine.
 i got my twine at ikea, the coloring book from the dollar store, and cut the tag and initial out of card stock with my cricut. if you don't have a cricut, you can always print out a letter and cut around it.

 twine + initial + sprig of fresh greenery.
i used the cricut to cut the initial, and the twine is some that i have had in my craft box for years. the greenery is from my backyard.

large tag + buttons to make a snowman + stamp
i cut a simple tag out of car stock, and attached the buttons with glue dots.

 ribbon + holiday broach/pin
the broach can be used as part of the gift!

dollar store headband + craft pick.
this sequined headband came in a 3-pack at the dollar store. i added the feather craft pick and wrapped the gift in some crocodile wrapping paper.

 ribbon + wooden tag + patterned ribbon on dollar store box.
i removed the cheap looking ribbon from the dollar store box, cut a strip from some chevron ribbon and glued it to a wooden tag and tied it to the box with some coordinating ribbon.

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  1. Oh gosh...these are SO pretty and elegant! What great ideas to take wrapping presents up a notch! Thanks, Autumn!