Dec 5, 2012

my easy christmas decor

since we will be moving in the next few months, i wanted to keep my christmas decor on the simple side this year. (less stuff to have to cram back into a tub in a few weeks!) i have at least 6 tubs of christmas decorations, but this year, i only opened three. i let the kids decorate the tree (almost) all by themselves! this is a HUGE step for me...i am usually hovering over them,making sure that the decorations are evenly spaced, and them augmenting the "kid" decoration with some pretty ones. not this year. it was actually very liberating! i let the kids decorate the tree, and then i put some simple holiday touches in the living room. 
here are a few instagram images that i took last night:
my new addition this year is my gold dwell studios antelope, that i bought a few weeks ago at the foundary, but you can also buy here.

i draped the crystal and nut garland over the antlers again this year. (you can see how i made it here)
i threw a simple cedar garland around the mantel, and then tucked a few other pieces here are there, mixed with some gold balls in various sizes, shades and sheens.

our tree this year is all about the kids...they did a great job decorating it this year, even without the hovering!


  1. Looks Great! I've been meaning to ask, where did you get your antlers head? I love it and want one!

  2. And next year you'll be decorating your beautiful new home. I'll bet you've already decided where the tree will go. Merry Christmas Autumn.