Dec 11, 2012

construction progress week 7

this week the framers made some great progress. it is so much fun to SEE changes being made everyday. here is what happened during week 7:

 the end walls are erected. this was fun to see after two weeks of only being able to see the main floor walls!

 even though it is hard to see from this picture, the framers are constructing the front wall, as well as the north (far left) wall. they are laying flat on the second floor.

 they also spent the day working on cutting the rafters and sheeting the front wall.

thursday morning:
 whooo-hooo! this was so exciting to see! the ridge beams are installed (the thick beams that you can see going along the top of the roof), and the north wall and front wall are erected. it was amazing how fast this all happened.

thursday afternoon:

some of the rafters are installed, and it is really starting to look like a real house!

stay tuned!


  1. So exciting!!! I love seeing all the changes.

  2. Just found your blog from Things that Inspire. We will be doing similar updates on our homes construction next spring. Glad to find yours and read about your journey. -Tonya

  3. How exciting! I'm hoping to build in a few years so I have to live vicariously through you...LOL

  4. I love that I get to stalk you building your house :) Just kidding. Well, about the creepiness of it at least. I love the construction process!!!

  5. It’s just wonderful to see for yourself how your house is coming along. Each progress and change actually adds to the excitement of seeing your house complete and in good shape. Anyway, the framing looks like it went well. It does looks like a real house now. Good luck with it!