Dec 6, 2012

construction progress: week 6

even though the framers have been at another job for the last while, there has still been a lot happening around our new house in the last week:

tons of gravel was brought into the basement and garage, and then raked and compacted...which grady did, with a little help from my husband! sorry for the cruddy picture---it was SO dusty down there, and it was DARK too!

the plumbing in the basement was set. we won't finish the basement for a while, but we needed to decide where a future bathroom will be. 
after the gravel was compacted, we laid plastic on the entire floor of the basement. the whole family was down in the dark basement, spreading these huge plastic sheets over every inch of the floor! it was actually pretty fun, but the kids were REALLY tired. actually, i was pretty tired tried i forgot to get a picture!

the concrete truck pumped concrete into the basement for the floor slab, as well as the garage. it was shoveled, leveled and smoothed.

 the garage slab was sawcut to control cracking.

 the utilities were brought to the house, which required some digging.

good thing my little man was there to help! 

we have been holding our breath waiting for it to snow again, and so far, we have been lucky to have great weather. the framers are finally back, and there are going to be some pretty amazing changes on the exterior of the house in the next week! 
stay tuned.

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