Dec 19, 2012

even more DIY felt gift adornments

i love that felt is easy to find, affordable, and can be used to make very fun and creative gift adornments!
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here are two more ways to dress up gifts with some felt, ribbon, and a handy-dandy glue gun!

felt wreath:

 this wreath is incredibly easy to make and can be used again and again!
i used 2 sheets of felt, a simple form cut from cardboard, a glue gun, some ribbon and letter stamps.
i cut the felt circles with pinking shears, and folded them in quarters and glued them (see directions here) to my simple cardboard frame. i marked dashed lines where i didn't want any glue, to make it easier to lace the ribbon through.

after the wreath was complete, i laced ribbon through it, tied it to the box, and stamped the name directly on the wrapping paper.

circle felt garland:
this is another fun simple gift garland to make.
you will need some felt circles in 3 sizes, ribbon, a glue gun and some batting.

just put the larger circle down, place the ribbon on top, along with a tiny amount of batting. put a thin bead of glue on your smaller circle, and place on top of the batting. you don't have to use the batting, but i think it gives a fun 3D texture to the garland.

these are both so easy and easy, and can be used over again.
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happy wrapping!

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