Dec 22, 2012

my top 5 christmas posts

i know i am not alone in saying...."WHERE did december go?!" it seemed to zip by at light speed, and i am certain that if i hadn't started my christmas shopping right after halloween, i would not even be close to feeling ready. but as i sit here in my pajamas, drinking some spiced cider, and reveling in the fact that i feel pretty darn relaxed, i am pretty confident that i am ready. bring it on, christmas. bring it ON.
this year, since i am SO ready for christmas, i wanted to write a fun post  to highlight my top 5 christmas posts of all time. and, by "all time", i mean the last 4 years i have been blogging. be sure and check these "old" posts out.  thanks to my scanner, and a decade of filing pictures torn from magazines, there is some pretty great stuff in my archives!

1. holiday door

2. holiday house

3. my holiday decor this year

4. holiday mantles part 2

5. diy crystal + nut garland

merry christmas friends!
here is to having a lovely next few days!

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