Apr 24, 2015

coastal e-design: ocean winds villa, part 3

i was able to see this project in person for the first time last week, and it was pretty exciting! 
(to see the post on part 1 of this project, click here. to see part 2 of this project click here)

my parents and i spent a few days making some minor changes and adding the last layers to the space. minor changes included rotating and shifting rugs, moving around some art pieces, and adding pillows and accessories. 

the overall feel of the bedrooms was influenced by the art that my parents wanted to use in each space. the art that was selected for the guest bedroom is brighter and a bit more "fun", while the master bedroom has a more sophisticated, muted feel. 

after a LOT of talking and planning, here are the design plans for the 3 sleeping areas:

i will be posting some "after" pictures i took of this project shortly!

and, just to prove that it always looks worse before it looks better, here are some during shots of the work that has been happening at the vila over the last few months:

the biggest change was removing the upper cabinets in the kitchen:


the light fixture was replaced.

and all of the furniture and housewares brought in.

the kitchen cabinets before they were painted:

and lots of stuff was unpacked and put in place!

next week i will be sharing the after pictures!
stay tuned.


  1. fun to see the in-progress shots! what a great vacation spot!

  2. Loving it so far. You are truly talented. Where did you get the living room rug from?