Apr 3, 2015

coastal e-design: ocean winds villa project

a few months ago, some very special clients (aka my parents!) fulfilled a long-time dream and purchased a villa on the enchanting seabrook island. seabrook island is located off the coast of charleston, south carolina, and is one of my favorite places to visit.

my family and i have been visiting there off and on since i was 11. the great beaches, privacy, tree-lined streets, wildlife, golf/tennis/equetrian/kayaking/swimming amenities,  and laid-back feel make it a true coastal paradise.

my poor, poor parents. if only they knew an interior designer who could help them to decorate their villa. someone who specialized in budget decorating. and e-design.
oh wait.
ha! they really lucked out, didn't they?? (wink*wink*)

so, just to aquaint you with this project...heres what we are dealing with:

a second story, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa  with an open living/dining/kitchen, and a very long sunroom with golf course view. the floor plan shows a screened in porch and a deck, but the previous owner finished the entire space, and it is now one looong sunroom.

what they want:
--an updated, welcoming, refined interior
--a place to showcase some of their extensive art and book collection
--to furnish the entire space on a 18K budget (it will be totally empty when they start.)
--minor kitchen updates

 here are some interior pictures:

as you can see, there are some really great things to be excited about!

*consistent flooring throughout the main living area
 *tall ceilings...most of seabrook was developed in the 1970's and 80's, when 8' ceilings were a little too abundant. this unit has 9' ceilings, which is desirable.
*an open floor plan that flows nicely

*newer appliances (many villas on seabrook haven't been touched in 30 years, so it was nice that the counters had been redone, and new appliances installed)
* a large master bedroom (below)
*non hideous ceiling fans. yay!

 *the second bedroom connects to the main bathroom, and has a balcony

 the green walls will be going. i know y'all are bummed.
 *this long sunroom lets in plenty of light and views, but in order to make the space WORK for my parents and potential renters, it will be reworked a bit.

speaking of views...ahhhh!!

over the next few weeks, i will be sharing all of the final design plans for each of the rooms in the villa. we have been working on this project since christmas, and everything is falling into place. orders have been made, trips taken to haul furniture and art, and lots of household items brought in so that this villa will become a true second home and (hopefully) hard-working rental property!

i am actually going to charleston in about 2 weeks to finish things up. i can't wait to share some after pictures!

in the mean time, here are some gorgeous coastal interiors that inspired our vision:

are you hungry for more chic coastal interiors:
check out my beachy keen pinterest board!

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  1. Congratulations to your parents! The low country is such a beautiful, magical place. I miss being near it. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out and also seeing your ORC room. Enjoy your trip to Charleston!