Apr 29, 2015

one room challenge week #5: crunch time

it's the home stretch, and i think it's pretty fair to say that everyone involved in this challenge is feeling the crunch! there is only a week left to finish our rooms, and make them PRETTY!

of course, on the road to pretty, there is a whole lot of mess + ugliness!

my room is coming along!
i painted three walls a neutral shade called "old soul" by benjamin moore. it is SUCH a great neutral color....similar to revere pewter, but a bit warmer and darker.

i fixed the peeling veneer on this chest and swapped out the hardware.

the new hardware is from chinese brass hardware. LOVE it.

 the revamped chest in its new location...
i am still deciding where to place the minted art pieces.

the back wall will be alternating stripes in chalkboard paint and cork! i just finished the chalkboard paint last night. the cork should be up tomorrow.

the new bedskirt and shams from loom decor are stunning! i ordered extra of this same faux bois/zebra fabric, and am having my window treatments made from it!

the curtains should be ready by tomorrow, and i will be picking up the chairs either today and tomorrow. ( be sure to follow me on instagram to get a sneak peek before next week!)

check out the rest of the gang here!

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  1. lookin good!!! love the shams and that hardware is super cool! good luck this week!!

  2. Love the idea of chalkboard and cork stripe! Can't wait to see it all next week!

  3. Love the fabric for the shams and skirt, so pretty and can't wait to see that wall.

  4. It's all coming together! That chest makeover is pretty darn cool....can't wait for next week!

  5. Thrilled to see the final product. It is looking fab!

  6. Loving that situation on your fab nightstand with the art and lamp!! Have fun this week!

  7. Thanks for sharing your Chinese brass hardware resource too! I can't wait to see this room!!! It will be smashing!

  8. I'm interested in seeing how the chalkboard/cork wall will pan out. I have never seen this combo, really neat.
    Michelyn Cynthia

  9. Old Soul is such a beautiful color, and it looks great here! I am a huge Color Stories fan - that collection is amazing.

  10. Wow your cabinet as a nightstand looks amazing! So fun what a difference new hardware can make!I love your artwork choices too! Can;t wait for the reveal!

  11. Autumn, can you please put an Instagram button on your blog site? If it is already there sorry I can't find it.

  12. Nice find with that hardware!! I was SO tempted to order that same fabric from Loom, but the boy nixed that one real quick. Can't wait to see it next week!

  13. it's looking so sophisticated already!