Jul 14, 2010


cb2 has come out with a few new items in
this fabulous yellow color they are
calling "grellow".

it just happens to be one of my favorite colors!
in fact--check out the color of "design*dump" in my header,
and the post title on my blog...when i was looking for the
perfect color for my blog, i was on the hunt for a "acid-y yet subdued mustard".
grellow is a lot easier to say though, huh?
i don't know what it is about this color
that i love so much. i guess i like that it is fun
and sophisticated at the same time
plays well with neutrals, 
and many of my other favorite colors. 
plus, it makes me happy.
i especially love it paired
with a dark, dusty teal and
black and white stripes.


  1. it is all over your blog...funny. i love grellow too. i have to go to cb2 and look at their new stuff.

  2. I love this color, I love the name! I think its a classy color!

  3. ummm... a gorgeous golden yellow becomes grellow...I like it!

  4. mmm great post.. you have inspired a paint job I'm going to do.. will share it on my blog www.salvagesisters.wordpress.com soon..
    Gemma - Northern Ireland.