Jul 7, 2010

olivia'a room: progress...

a couple of weeks ago i promised to 
post pictures of my oldest daughter olivia's room.
however, enjoying the days with my kids has taken priority over
the last few projects i need to do.
the duck wallpaper is gone, the walls are painted, the curtains are up,
and i have made a few new pillows, but there are still a few 
projects left to complete.
here is a quick peek at what i still need to do...
i still need to add some trim to this bedskirt,
however, i have been feeling extraordinarily lazy lately,
so i have come up with a way to add the trim
without removing the bedskirt!
isn't there a saying like...
"laziness is the mother of invention"?
or is that "necessity is the mother of invention"?
either way, i think my laziness will really pay off this time.
i also need to freshen up these metal urns with some new paint,
paint a bookcase,

and make a cork board out of this frame,
(that i picked up last week at the
downeast clearance center for $10!
it's from williams sonoma home---i'm still in shock)
this little makeover may take the rest of summer,
but at least the kids will be happy, and
if you stay tuned, i'll take you along for the
(terrifically) slow ride!


  1. that frame is a great steal!! i can't wait to see everything finished. thanks for the sneak peak- i always love the way you mix all different pieces/patterns together!

  2. I am hearting the colors and that pillow. I can not wait to see what you come up with!!