Jul 8, 2010

wyoming weekend: part 2

just thought i would share a few more pictures of the ranch 
where we stayed this last weekend...
the house sits on 600 acres.
yeah...that's a lot of land.
the original house was built in the late 60's from a kit 
that was ordered through the mail. 
the two story section was added about 4 years
ago, and the kitchen and baths were all remodeled then as well.

the original owner of the house (our friends grandfather)
traveled all over the world, and brought back some really
unique treasures that have found a home at the ranch.
the rifle is one of those treasures....
the bone and shell inlay are just gorgeous!

this is a shot of a portion of the new addition, which houses 
a large dining/multipurpose room, a huge mudroom, a screened in porch, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. the original house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large family room and a kitchen.

the "new" upstairs hall.
the walls in the entire house (including this new part)
are cedar, which gives the house this incredible woodsy smell.
the floors are oak and the ceilings are pine.
i wouldn't have thought that these woods would work together so
well, but they do!
one of the upstairs guest rooms.

i loved these horns!
i couldn't resist taking a few pictures of these gorgeous
planters in downtown afton.

i am already missing the fresh air and the
green pastures! and , another bonus was that it is was
about 15 degrees cooler than it is here in salt lake city.
in fact, the lilacs and poppies were still in bloom. it was almost 
like we got to see spring twice this year!


  1. Are those real animals furs on the floor? What an amazing place!!!

  2. NO way, you stayed up in my old stomping grounds. My family had a place in Star Valley and we were always in Jackson Hole. Isn't so beautiful up there...Glad you got to go. Do you have family up there?

    Hope all is well!

  3. that one girl,
    YES, those are real animals!

  4. wow--very cool. i would love to be someplace like that in the wintertime. i can't even IMAGINE 600 acres--a person could actually get lost on their own land!