Jul 29, 2010

lazy girl bedskirt trim

i am still working on a few small projects for my oldest daughters room.
one of those projects was to add some trim to her existing bedskirt.
the problem?
i didn't want to remove the bedskirt to add the trim.
(tooooo lazy)
so, i came up with the following strategy...
here's what i used:
 pom pom trim 
(this is a box pleated queen bedskirt, 
and i used about 9 yards of trim)
fabric adhesive
LOTS (and lots) of binder clips
so, basically, i just applied a thin strip of fabric adhesive to
the bottom of the skirt, and attached a binder clip to help
hold the trim in place until it dried.
like i said, i used a LOT of clips...
about one every 2-3 inches.
when i got to a corner, i applied some glue to  the backside of
the skirt, wrapped the trim, and held it in place with a large binder clip.
my bedskirt has three sections, and so i did this in three stages.
as soon as the glue dried (about an hour), 
i moved on to the next section.
the perfect way for a lazy girl
to add trim to a bedskirt without
removing it. 


  1. You smart girl, (love the look of the clips :)), this is something I would think of and wonder if I dare show my unconventional methods! The addition of the trim makes the skirt, bet your daughter loves it! Janell

  2. looks great, though it seems like it may have been just as much work with all that glueing and clipping lol, what a sweet upgrade

  3. Fabulous idea , I wouldn't have wanted to remove it either , looks great too I just love pom pom trim

  4. Your are my new role model! I love simple projects that don't require tons of time to complete. The ball fringe is perfect for adding a fun touch too.

  5. yes! i love the lazy way. bed skirts are such a major pain to get in place.

  6. Wow, thank you for enabling my lazy side, I love seeing things like this. The bedskirt looks great!

  7. This is such a great idea for so many things... drapes, pillows, I might just retire my sewing machine for a while! I love easy projects!

    Also, I just wanted to let you know, since you linked up to the party I am going to feature this tomorrow at noon. Hope that is okay with you! I hope you get a ton of new followers, I told them to come over and check out all your cool remodels too! Since you are my real life remodeling hero!

  8. Clever and hilarious. Great job.

  9. I'm looking for a box pleat bedskirt with stitching like that - where did you find it?!

  10. Love this idea...I love the ingenuity of it all too!

    LaKeta@ 1luckeegirl.blogspot.com