Jul 28, 2010

utilitarian beauty

i love to find interesting 
and beautiful things as inspiration.
and sometimes, i find inspiration in the 
most simple and utilitarian things.
when allen and i get to travel 
(which usually only happens once a year--on our anniversary),
our usual, hurried pace turns into a more leisurely one.
we love to walk around and absorb all the smells and
sights that our destination has to offer.
one of the things that we find 
interesting are the
sewer caps and signage 
that are amazingly unique to each place.
take a peek:
key west
new york city
 washington dc.

i find the textures on these sewer caps fascinating.
i am planning on getting a few of the above images framed and
hanging them. not only are they 
interesting and graphic,
but they each remind me of a 
special trip with my sweetie!

1 comment:

  1. Hmm ..I never thought of a sewer cap as stylish. But you've changed my mind. I love those designs.