Jul 12, 2010

design*crush: massucco warner miller

dream team:
julie massucco
melissa warner 
and carrie miller

these three ladies have got 
some serious style!
i love the way their interiors can range from subdued and earthy to
bold and upbeat. their use of color is sophisticated and fresh, and
comes in the perfect dose in each space.
love these roman shades. while the pattern is graphic, and rather bold,
it has a certain delicateness about it which works so well with the
other elements in the room.
bold draperies and upholstery are
masterfully balanced with the neutral walls, floors and sofa.
i've seen this picture around many times, and
it always brings a smile to my face.
isn't this cobalt sofa with the 
white welting magical?
two of my faves in one space:
striped curtain panels, and a touch of zebra!
i think i could eat this room, it's that yummy!
i love how the ornate whimsical wallpaper is balanced with
the crisp bedding and all that white.
plus, i love me a box pleated bedskirt...
the color is this bedroom is so sophisticated!
the complimentary color scheme is subtle and classic
and perfectly balanced.
another smart use of complimentary colors,
this time in a bold way.
that chandelier is fabulous!
love the kelly wearstler fabric on the chair,
and the wall color is so soothing!
pops of orange on those stools really add to the warm feeling 
this room evokes.
yes sir. 
this is some fierce lady-power at work!
every picture in their portfolio was
absolute perfection.
you can check out more of
their work here.


  1. Love these designs, they must have a great time working together, it shows in the final product! Janell

  2. All of these rooms are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    Jana Marie

  3. I LOVE their work too. Just the other day I was devouring their online portfolio...can't get enough! If you peel back the designs the bones of each room are classic, but the changeable details are modern and bold. Can't go wrong with that. :)

  4. sexy, rich and quirky color everywhere! YES please.

  5. I agree Autumn! Love their use of the nook! And....is that a faux bamboo table I see??

  6. love it!! I seriously need to know where you can buy silhouette pillows.

  7. valerie---you said it perfectly! classic but with modern and bold elements that can be changed out easily!

    loft32---oooo yes--you know i love me some faux bamboo!