Jul 6, 2010

wyoming weekend

im just about to leave wyoming, after a truly wonderful weekend.
i thought i would share some pretty things i saw while i was here...

along the drive to jackson hole.

a view of jackson hole wyoming
the hanging flower baskets were beautiful!

all the kiddos at the famous antler arches in jackson.
isn't the texture of these amazing?

some cow hides for sale, sitting on a fence post.

just for the record...ikeas are much less expensive,
but these felt sooo incredibly soft!
the scene along a hike we took.

the view from one of the hills on 
the 600 acre ranch where we stayed

isn't this beautiful?

the colors of the sky and the grass were
really spectacular!
i'll post some more pictures once i get back home!
hope you had a great weekend too!


  1. stunning views...isn't it called the big sky country, or is that just a line from a song? Either way, it applies. Janell

  2. Breathtaking Photos! I can almost smell the fresh country air!

  3. I love the photos. Especially the ones of the kiddos. :)

  4. I have been wanting a cowhide so bad!! Beautiful pictures!