Apr 15, 2011

trellis stool makeovers

as you probably know, i have been in love with 
these trellis stools for-ever.
i finally bought my self a pair right after christmas.
(sadly, i just found out that jc penny no longer carries them!
i am so glad i pulled the trigger when i did.)
patti, a client of mine, also bought a pair.
i absolutely love how she chose to cover her pair of these fun little stools:
i love the large scale fabric, and the fact that the stools
aren't a "perfect" match...
yesterday afternoon, i finally got around 
to recovering mine:
i already had the fabric...i didn't want to do anything too crazy or expensive, since these will for sure
change when i get to decorate house #6. 
i think they add a nice little dose of fun to the room.

oh, and a big thank you to knock off decor for featuring my anthopologie lampshade yesterday!
you can see the feature here.

happy weekend everybody!


  1. Great stools and I really like both of the covers. They look wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  2. nice!! i have a very similar grey and white houndstooth i was planning to use to recover my dining chairs!

  3. nooooooo!!! damn it, I was planning to get those stools! Should have done it a long time ago. Gone forever now I suppose :(

  4. These are great! I love how different the fabrics are and yet they both work beautifully.

  5. darling! Hey did you know design mom linked to the funny letterpress cards you posted about a while ago! Super cool...

  6. I think they are gorgeous and I love how the size of the houndstooth is exaggerated! But as you see here, I am addicted too! xoxo Shelli

  7. Would you be so kind as to share your fabric name and source? I think I need some for my house too!

  8. Carrie, I bought the fabric about a year ago from fabric guru.com.
    They cycle through their fabrics a lot, so I am
    Not sure if they still have it...

  9. Love the fabric you chose. Those are great stools and so versatile for when you move. You could literally put them in any room in your future home with a change of fabric.

  10. Absolutely Love the houndstooth fabric! Timelessly classic stools too!

    congrats on the lamp shade posting too!

  11. Both of these look amazing and the base is so interesting too. I love using stools in pairs like this - so versatile to split up but they look so great side by side too...well done!

  12. I LOVVEEE the fabric on your clients chairs. Do you know the maker/name of that one?