Apr 8, 2011


i tore this image from a magazine over 8 years ago.
as i sift through the many magazine pages that i have torn out, i inevitably
have to toss quite a few of them.
bathrooms that seemed "cutting edge" 7 years ago
can sometimes have a way of feeling "tired" when i
see them now...or, just....not what appeals to me anymore.
my taste, (and yours too, i am guessing) has evolved.
but this room, this image... has been with me a very long time.
you can even see the little marks from the adhesive
of the photo album i once had it mounted in.
there are so many things that i love about this room:
the overscaled lantern
the abstract art
the moldings/trim
the nailhead? trim on the drapery panels
the soft and sophisticated FEEL of the room
the grass on the table
the classic chairs
the patterned carpet
the seating area in the bay window

the fact that this room has stood the test of time...
i think that this room will look just as beautiful
in 10 years as it does today...
and as it did over 8 years ago.
truly, timeless.


  1. I love everything about this oldy, but goody too! Those chairs and that lantern....mm-mm-MM! I think you will look at it in another 8yrs and feel the same way! Good keep!

  2. I love a room like this, a classic, sophisticated space with elements that will endure. You have a great eye!

  3. Hi Autumn! I love the blog! My husband and I too renovate homes...on a smaller and less fancy scale...and I get to move in and out of them...your job looks funner. ;) I am kicking myself that I didn't take more before and after pictures of our first 3 homes! You and your husband are so talented and inspiring. Thanks for being smart and taking photos all along the way for us to enjoy.

  4. agreed, has a very organic feel too. I have a page torn out of some magazine from years ago folded in a little cubby in my car. Every once in a while I unfold it to look at it and have the same feeling. Just a rush of relaxation.

  5. Good design has that effect doesn't it? I picked up a copy of a book published by House Beautiful in the late '90's and most of the rooms featured look as current today as they did then. Well made furnishings with good lines and few trendy items seemed to be the common denominator among the rooms shown.

  6. I wouldn't have guessed the image is more than 8 years old! So beautiful!

  7. That room looks totally up-to-date. You don't mention the color, which reads as a butter-yellow-beige on my computer and is part of the peaceful feel of the room for me.

  8. I definitely agree! Beautiful room and timeless style. Thanks for sharing! Happy Weekend. :)