Apr 25, 2011

remembering:whidbey island

every year, my husband and i get away for our anniversary.
two years ago, we went to whidbey island and seattle.
while on whidbey island, we stayed at the inn at langely.

at one time, i believe it was a standard "motel" style lodge, 
but it has undergone a major renovation.
inside that "bridge" is the hotels restaurant.
the office is below it and the the right.
the exterior has a definite craftsman vibe, with shingles and low roof pitches and interesting architectural details.
we had a room on the third floor...
inside, the rooms are clean and simple and cozy.
the fireplace and down comforters were special touches
we really appreciated.

but, this is the MAIN reason 
to book a room here.
the views are insanely beautiful...
we were there in august, and the air was crisp
and refreshing....the perfect getaway from the hot summer heat!
the restaurant, under the guidance of chef matt costello 
is NOT to be missed. we booked a package that included dinner
and breakfast. it was wonderful to have a 30 step
"commute" to a 5* dining experience.
most of the cuisine is local...and not just from around washington...
i mean actually grown and harvested ON whidbey island.  
the menu is fixed...meaning everyone in the room eats the same  meal.
at first i was a little scared...there were some things on 
the menu that i normally wouldn't order.
but the meal was INCREDIBLE. 
hands down, one of the best meals of my life.
this was the view from our table.
the gourmet breakfast the next morning was amazing.
we ate and talked and looked out at the gardens.

and then we took a stroll on the beach.
the colors of the rocks, 
the seaweed 
and the driftwood are all so beautiful and inspiring.
i would love to have this photo framed and hang it somewhere in my house.

the town of langely has a laid back, upscale feel to it.
the architecture is lovely, and the flowers and vegetation
are all so pretty.
we walked around and shopped a little.
love the arbor ad the wisteria!
and then, reluctanly, we  got back on the ferry and headed to seattle.
it was a really fantastic weekend. kinda wishing i was there right now!


  1. wow so beautiful!! and your photos are wonderful :)

  2. Beautiful! I've never stayed at the inn, but I've always heard good things about it. Perhaps we'll have to book a weekend there. If you were here right now you'd drown. We're so tired of the rain!

  3. nikki,
    one of my best friends lives in bothell, and she has told me that the rain is getting REALLY old!
    and yes, you really need to get away to the inn at langley...even if it's just one night. it was really peaceful and lovely!

  4. Beautiful! Any special reason why you chose that area?

  5. I LOVE Whidbey Island! Haven't been there in years, so thank you for the virtual visit :)

  6. jack and annie,
    i remember reading an article in coastal living years ago, when we lived in tennessee about the inn at langely. i totally fell in love with the view, and decided that it was a "must" for some anniversary in the future. i had never been to whidbey island, and the thought (at the time) of escaping the HOT HUMID south in august seemed so dreamy.
    we decided two years ago to finally go because we could drive there from SLC...my brother and his wife live in boise, and so we dropped the kiddos off and then continued to seattle for our long weekend.

  7. My husband and I have checked out Whidbey several times for a summer place. Sadly, we haven't won the lottery yet, though. Gorgeous photos!

  8. gorgeous! I use to spend summers in Seattle growing up and had a great aunt on whidbey island. Your post filled me with nostalgia. Thnx for that mini vaca from my office chair!

  9. That view is amazing. Suddenly I'm feeling a need to book a vacation.

  10. Looks so charming! Glad you had a good time!