Apr 4, 2011

custom silk curtains: village workroom

one thing that i really love to use 
in the design of a room is silk curtains. 


i absolutely love the sheen and
sophistication that they bring to a space.... 
and i love them 
even more when the design volume is turned up a notch
with the addition or trim and banding.

when i was planning out the study in house #5, i knew
that i wanted to have silk curtains, but i also wanted to
use stripes somewhere in the room...i eventually decided to
have some custom silk curtains made. 
in my search, i stumbled upon

village workroom made the striped silk panels
 for the study in house #5,
("light gold" and "ivory" stripes,
1 width each, lined and interlined, flat tops)

as well as the silk panels in the library:
("antique", 1 width, lined, modified flair pleat tops)

i was blown away by not only the 
selection of silks,(they have dupioni, taffeta and 
matka silks, as well as some linens)
 but the header styles,
and all of the custom options. PLUS, they
have an amazing estimate page on their site
that allows you to select and price
out exactly what you want.
(above are the colors of their dupioni silks)

you get to choose:
the color
number of panels
the width of each panel
the finished length...down to the 1/4 inch!
if you want lining, and what color
if you want to add interling
black out, or other specialty lining?
the header type--flat? rod pocket? inverted pleat? pinch pleat?
modified pinch pleat? they have 11 options for headers!
after you select exactly what you want,
you will get an INSTANT QUOTE, including shipping. 
it's incredibly easy, and is
literally one stop shopping for 
custom silk and linen panels.
not only was ordering a breeze, but 
i received my panels within 2 weeks,
and i was thrilled with the workmanship!
i was able to take the striped curtains with
me when we moved, and they are currently hanging
in the living room of my rental house:
i was really excited when joe, the owner of
village workroom agreed to team up with me
and be a sponsor on my blog.
i knew that my lovely readers would be 
as excited as i was to have village workroom
as a trusted and reliable source for quality, 
custom silk and linen panels.
for more information on their 
custom silk panels, click here.


  1. I have *always* loved those stripe curtains...who knew you could just order them up like that??? Um, *you* did, of course! (c: Amazing resource and Happy Monday!

  2. The drapery panels look beautiful and every time I see photos of the library I'm blown away by how beautiful it looks, the millwork and large window! Janell

  3. Autumn - I am new to your blog...but already addicted! Love, love the renovations on house #5. I also truly enjoyed the photos you posted from Kennebunkport. Fabulous place with amazing architecture. I am from the South myself and moved to New England last year. We sold a home that my husband and I remodeled/decorated together...it was a lot of fun. We are renters at the moment until we figure out where we want to live. Like you, I am going through decorating withdrawals! I miss having a home to decorate. Soon, I keep reminding myself, soon. Good things come to those who wait! :)

    Thank you for creating this lovely blog as I know it must consume a great deal of your time.

  4. kimberly,
    thanks for the sweet comment! it's nice to know i am not alone. and i certainly hope that the "good things come..." saying is NOT JUST a saying.
    so glad you stumbled onto my blog.

  5. I love the striped panels. Because of the bold pattern my eyes were drawn directly to them. To me, a strong element that makes a huge visual impact is worth splurging on.

  6. those stripes are to die for! And I love the way your positioned the frames above your sofa.

    your post before this totally had me giggling too, 'he has your hair'. Hilarious.

    Happy Monday Autumn.

  7. I'm such a fan of silk draperies and have them in lots of rooms of my home...thanks for sharing this resource!!