Apr 21, 2011

wallpapered ceilings

i recently finished working on an e-design dining room. 
(i will post the idea board sometime soon)
one of the details that will help to bring the room to life 
is the wallpaper that will be going on the ceiling. 
i have always loved wallpaper on ceilings.
wallpaper can be a big commitment...both design AND money wise.
but introducing wallpaper on the ceiling is a great way 
to get the pattern and drama
of wallpaper without the cost of installing it on 4 walls.
here are some fabulous rooms with wallpaper on the ceiling:

(apartment therapy)

(caldwell flake)

(apartment therapy)

(caldwell flake)

oh, and here is a peek at the wallpaper that 
will be going on the ceiling of the e-design dining room:


  1. All I can say is wow!!!!! (okay, I do have more to say!) I love this look, a great way to bring in pattern, I particularly love how this looks in the room seen on Apartment Therapy, so much fun! Janell

  2. Very cool effect. Love the first 2 photos especially.


  3. I love this, such an unexpected place to add pattern. I have trouble hanging wallpaper on the walls so hanging it on the ceiling will not be a DIY in my home any time soon.

  4. Love this! Can't wait to see the other elements

  5. huge fan of wallpaper on the ceiling-an amazing design punch-in an unexpected place-always a win win-love it-love your blog-Tanya