Apr 10, 2011

house hunting update

pictureless post.
it's been a while since i posted anything about our househunting.
we have still been looking...slowly.
we have looked at a LOT of houses that seemed like they
might have potential....but a quick walk-through would inevitably
reveal some unforgivable, tragic flaw.
like a kitchen the size of my head. 
or, a 4 bedroom house, in which you have to walk 
THROUGH TWO bedroom to get to the third??
or a radon gas leak. 
or a basement with 5'8" ceilings. 
(not good when your husband is 6'2")
or a breakfast room that has a door to the outside, 
a door to the master bedroom, an opening to the kitchen,
an opening to the entry, a closet door,  
and a door to the basement...

we actually had a ray of hope on a building lot....and thought we might even be able to pull off building another house...
but that didn't work out.
it's been a roller coaster. and not the fun, 
"yay, i'm on a roller coaster" type roller coaster...
it's been more like the "ugh, i think i'm gonna barf" 
type roller coaster.

house prices continue to decline.
we struggle to know if this is the "right" time to buy.
we worry about removing our kids from the schools where 
they have made friends and feel comfortable.
thanks for all of the encouragement...i know that we
will eventually find something that works for 
our family...something  we can make our own, 
fits our budget, and feels like home.
i just need to be patient...
ugh, why does being patient 
always take SO LONG?


  1. I feel your pain - it's so hard to wait for the right one to come along... But as soon as it happens you'll be glad you waited. And as for the kids, it sounds cliche, but FAMILY is the most important. Houses and friends will come and go, but your family will remain. Whatever you choose to do, your children will have their family with them, and be just fine. Best of luck on your house search! =)

  2. House hunting really isn't a lot of fun, is it? Finding the right house is like finding the perfect man, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get to a castle.