Jun 17, 2011

scanner "leftovers"

when i scan hundreds of images, i usually have a few images that don't seem to
"fit" in a category for a post, but are pretty all the same....
 i want these quartz votives!
 yummy, dark office.
(i heart bobby mcalpine.)
the texture and shapes in this image are beautiful.
love: the silk curtains, large black + white photo and the x benches.
the stenciled pattern at the top of the wall is killer!
fabulous architecture...amazing lighting...*sigh.
there are so many details and textures in this room(s). take a minute to let your eye wander, and 
you will see what i mean....
i love the idea of a bed draped in fabric. this fabric is bold and subtle at the same time.
i can't really explain why i like this image.
i just do.

*have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing them.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Wow, Autumn, you really scan all these? Doesn't it take SO much time? I've tried scanning (have a good scanner, and use Photoshop) but it's so much easier and faster to go to the site. So, do you scan from all your magazines? And then file on the computer? Would love to know your process in this!!! maybe....?

  3. i only occasionally scan thing now...BUT, i have a HUGE file filled with images from magazines from the last 10 years. i have been slowly sifting through my files, discarding the pictures that i no longer like, and scanning the ones i want to keep. many of these images are not available online. as soon as the image goes on my blog, i delete it from my computer, and throw it away. most of the pictures from the first few months of my blog were all scanned from my files, but now i usually just go to the site and grab the image i want.