Jun 14, 2011

thom filicia rugs at overstock

for real, overstock... what are you doing to us? 
don't you know that we already love you?
you don't have to go and show off by getting rugs from one of the greatest 
(and funniest) designers EVER. but, we are SO glad that you DID.

i recently included this rug in my "perfect patio" style plan.  it is also available at
 williams sonoma home for a slightly higher price. go figga.

thank you overstock!


  1. I want the turquoise for my screened in porch! xoxo shelli

  2. ps-pretty new blog design!! xoxo

  3. i actually love every. single. one. of. these. off to purchase now...

  4. I bought that last rug, it's living in my kitchen for now. It's made of recycled plastic, which would make it an awesome outdoor rug because it can be hosed off!

  5. A word of warning: as Marissa says, some of the outdoor rugs are made of recycled plastic, and I would NOT use them inside, except maybe in the kitchen (as she is doing!) I ordered one for my entry a while back and found the weave to be too rough--it didn't want to lie flat and it didn't feel good under my feet. But yes, great for outside!

  6. I am so jealous of the incredible rugs you can find in the States (and at amazing prices)! A rug like this would probably $250 where I live.

  7. So glad you posted these! Perfect timing.


  8. The navy rug is perfect for my son's room! Thanks for the post!