Jun 9, 2011

patterned floors

while bopping around the internet, i sometimes come across the portfolio of a designer that
literally takes my breath away. such was the case as i perused christina murphy's website.
her attention to detail, and balance of elements in each room she designs is absolutely stunning.
among some themes that i found in ms. murphy's work are: trimmed window treatments (love),
laquered walls (love), fabulous wallpaper (love), unique and funky light fixtures (love), and the perfect balance of traditional and modern (love). but the one theme that i noticed, that i REALLY love, 
is her masterful use of patterened rugs and flooring. (LOVE.)
i am also loving the black painted woodwork, and the details on the chairs.

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this wall to wall carpet and art really makes this traditional room edgey.
um...this is GORGEOUS. notice the striped wallpaper and the mirrored front cabinets? fabulous.
again, the woodwork is painted a dark glossy black which is so yummy. and i WANT those lamps!
the contrast welting on the sofa makes me happy, and so do those pink pillows! it's amazing how something as small as a pillow can change the entire vibe of a room....imagine of those pillows were bright yellow---the room would look totally different!
such a soothing bedroom...it appears so simple, but there are so many details to take in.
LOVE the laquered walls! doesn't this room feel like the coziest place ever?
 i ADORE this room...the lacquered walls, the white sofas, the patterned rug, the blur ikat pillows...yep. totally adore it all.
 that carpet is INSANE! it's totally over the top and gorgeous. i.want.it.

 i'm madly in love with these floors! it's such a bold statement but works so well here....
and i have never met an eames management chair that i didn't like.
 i love the deep, muted pink sofa and pink ikat paired with the medallion print rug and glamourous yet simple details in the room.

this room is brought to life with the blue and white geometric rug.

all images via christina murphy interiors. you can see more of her work here.


  1. I agree, wonderful designer. Great rooms! Thanks for sharing.


  2. thank you for sharing these! i love how the blue lacquer room really makes you feel like you are under water...

  3. These are fabulous room! Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are gorgeous - that bathroom is to die for!

  5. Great pictures. Love Chevron floors and geometric rugs.
    Viera VT Interiors

  6. These floors are amazing and I'm familiar with floors. I like the bathroom floor too, Annie but I think my favorite is the kind of zebra striped rug in the living room with the lacquered walls.