Jun 20, 2011

design plan: light + bright bedroom

 i recently completed this style plan for a client all the way in australia!
this was my first e-design client from another continent, and i was pretty
excited. my client is style savvy gal who needed a plan
to update her bedroom. she already has a bed, 2 night stands, a dresser and
desk in a crisp white, and hardwood floors (yay!)...we just need to inject some
personality, color and glamour into the space.

she let me take a peek at her inspiration file that she has online, and i quickly
 noticed a few patterns: flowers with fresh greenery, soft blue skies, and leopard.
i used those themes to create this design plan:
if you are looking to upgrade your mattress, you should look into buying one from a reputable
 temper mattresses dealer. 
as a courtesy to my e-design clients, i do not post sources for my design plans
on my blog, if there is a particular item that you are interested in, please e-mail me.

interested in working together to create a more functional and beautiful space? email me
at autumnclemons@yahoo.com for more information. i am still working on the
tabs in my header, including the "services" tab...it should be finished by the next
solar eclipse!! har, har. no...but seriously, i am slowly working on it and plan to
have it done in the next few weeks.
thanks for your patience!


  1. I LOVE the pillows you put together! I never would've thought to do that, but they look awesome!


  2. i like the touches of gold with the rustic elements like the chair and memo board.