Jun 21, 2011

house update: coffered ceiling

i was really excited when my client was on board to do a coffered ceiling in the great room of their house. the ceilings are really high (18 feet), and i wanted to add some texture and character, and help
visually bring the ceiling down a bit. to help, we also plan on painting the inside of the coffers a rich, dark color. i am really pleased with the way it turned out! the trim carpenters did an amazing job of laying everything out and getting the scale right.
if they ever get tired of looking at their gorgeous coffered ceiling, they can look at the VIEW.
not bad, huh?


  1. Found you via Rambling Renovators. Wow. Your carpenter must be an exceptional cabinet maker. It is not at all easy to cut all the pieces for a ceiling like that! Will you paint the wood too, or just the recessed panels?

  2. hi there!!
    yes, the wood and trim will be painted white, and just the flat ceiling part will be painted dark. i am really excited to see it all complete.