Jun 28, 2011


hi friends! 
this week, i will be here:

and here:

after three years in the west, we are  finally  "home" to visit family and friends.
ok, ok...we are also sneaking in a little time at the beach and orlando. i am hoping 
to take some amazing pictures to share with you, and maybe even pop in and get
a peek at tracery interiors store in rosemary beach, since i will be staying close by.
i forgot a few things about being here...how much i MISS seeing crepe  myrtles and magnolia
trees everyday....the humidity (yep, didn't think i missed it, but i do!)...hearing southern accents
at every turn, and driving for miles and miles and seeing nothing but trees.
it's good to be back.
i'll catch up with y'all later in the week.


  1. Have a wonderful time and WELCOME back to the South darlllliiing!!!! (said in my sweet Southern slang) Our humidity is a bit on the HOT side right now but it is worth it. Love living in a coastal town in the SOUTH!!!

  2. Autumn have a great time and come back with lots of pics!

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