Sep 6, 2011

one last look...

the weekend zipped by and it was a blur of boxes. what i thought would take one long day
turned into FOUR very long days. 
i am beat. 
am i getting too old for this?? maybe there should be some type of government moving assistance for anyone over the age of 35.  you know...they send you 4-5 strapping young lads who LOVE to life heavy stuff, and 2 or 3 people who can perform miracles with a vacuum and some windex.
wouldn't that be grand? oh, and thank you for all the comments on my last post. i totally agree that "option B" is the way to go!
anyway, i am nowhere near unpacked, and i can't find my camera to download the pictures i took
of the new house, so, i thought i would show you a peek of the living room of the rental house i just
moved out of. i never posted pictures of this room on my blog before...i guess because it never really
felt like "me". it was just a room that i filled with my stuff. it never felt like "home". all of the furniture, with the exception of the metal ottomans, was purchased over 8 years ago, and i desperately want an update...

when we first moved in there were lace valances on all of the
windows--i promptly removed them, and hung the striped silk curtains that were
hanging in the study of our last home. 
the furniture is all a little worn-out, but i can't afford to replace any of it right now.
i am strongly considering having the tan chair reupholstered...but i need to find some fabric
that i love that won't break the bank! 

 we had the bookcases custom-built for the  library/dining room of our last home, and we were so excited with how well they fit in the "dining" area of this room. we are currently having a major struggle trying to figure out where to put them in the new house...more on that later!

the bookcases and the vintage desk define what used to be my office. in the new house, i get to have a
whole room to myself for my office... i am looking forward to making it a fun place to work.

i loved having so much storage at my fingertips.

this book end was purchased from home goods.
i just love it. i can't wait to see where it will fit in the new house. unpacking books
seems like a million years away. i am still trying to locate socks and underwear...

i am a firm believer in mixing high and low, 
and saving money whenever possible.
besides the books, nothing in this vignette cost more than $10.
the thrift store lamp was $4, and was originally brass.
the drum shade was $10 at tj maxx.
the frame was picked up on clearance at target, and the
roman head vase i  bought at wisterias after christmas sale, early in the year.

 this mercury glass bowl was picked up at a thrift store for $1, and the
rocks in it are from whidbey island, where my husband and i 
celebrated our anniversary two years ago.

 the ceramic owl was $2 at a thrift store, and i painted it white.
the antique glass votive holder is from tj maxx.

anyway, i hope you enjoyed that peek at my last rental house. i am really looking forward
to decorating my new house.  i plan on using mostly neutrals as a base, but infusing a little
bit more color into the rooms, and updating some of those pieces that are looking a little tired.


  1. I love the round mirror in your living room. Where did you get it?

  2. I know how much you hated that rental house but you did such a wonderful job with it! I didn't even notice the less than stellar things about it until I looked closer. I am so sorry the move didn't go as planned. Let's hope you get your second wind and can get things organized! Can't wait to see the new place! I love your idea of neutrals as a base with more color! Best of luck on your new adventure!

  3. i picked up that mirror at homegoods. i think it was $25. man, i LOVE that place. one just opened up about 3 miles from my house, and i am in heaven.

  4. Good luck unpacking. We have moved 4 times and I hated it. But once we get settled I usually love the new house. I am sure you will too! Can't wait to see pictures.

  5. Lovely photos! My favorite spot is by the books:)

  6. I cant wait until you find your camera. Take a lot of pictures of the new place. Loved what you did to the old place.

  7. I can't believe you didn't want to show that roopm off- I think it is fabulous!! Real life happens and that means real life decorating... we left a house we custom built a few months ago {in Arkansas on an acre of land} to move to Detroit to live in a 1920's home in a shoebox of a yard. I miss my roomy home, but you know, there are sooo many people in your boat {and my boat!} and we need to show off these little rental/less than perfect rooms. I think your old rental was gorgeous! : )

  8. "all of the furniture, with the exception of the metal ottomans, was purchased year ago, and i desperately want an update..."

    Wow. Updating every year? That seems a bit much don't you think?

  9. the way you talked about it, i thought it was really bad, but i think it looks beautiful, autumn! i like the eclectic mix of your furniture, so even if you don't get it reupholstered, i still think it will look fabulous. congrats again on your new place--the hardwood floors are so glossy!

  10. julie,

    good eye! i just edited the post to read what i meant it to read....that all the furniture in the room was purchased over 8 years ago. the metal ottomans were added less than a year ago. i agree that replacing all your furniture every year WOULD be a bit much!