Sep 27, 2011

e-design update

when i first saw pictures of this clients home, i knew it was a fun and happy home. my client really loves to mix patterns and bright colors, and i adored that she had already slathered "aviary" from thomas paul on her family room windows. to me, it was a great cue that she was up for adding even more color and texture into her already creative and colorful space. 


even though the room had a great start, there were just a few missing elements that i knew would make this room come to life. (that mirror for instance....don't you think he needs a friend or two? he looks a little lonely on that wall, all by himself!) because so many major pieces were in the room, my client opted for the mini-design plan.

here is what we discussed:
1. changing out the rug. with the tile floors, and the brown leather sectional, the floor really needed some pattern to break up the neutrals.
2. replacing the coffee table with something a little more sleek and less bulky. that table is a little too stodgy for this room.
3. adding tables to the sides of the was currently "floating" in the room, and needed
some tables to help anchor it, and make it easier to set a book or a drink. also, adding a lamp will create a more comfortable place to read.
4. finding a chair for the corner, as well as a real plant. it looked a little empty and dark, and needed some white and life to break up the browns.
5. pairing a shallow console table with the white mirror. 
6. adding new pillows for additional color.
7. new art over the fireplace.

here is a sample of the idea board i came up with to update the space:


the chevron rug adds pattern, and the smaller, sleeker table is family friendly and still bulky enough to hold it's own against the large sectional.

the chair, lamp, table and plant really round out the seating area, and the art adds additional
 color and height.

we originally talked of adding the bamboo chair from wisteria, but my client was able to find this
chair locally at a fraction of the cost! i love the way the white breaks up the neutral tones of the walls, floors, and built-ins, and the addition of the coral fabric is fun and adds visual energy to the room.

adding this slim console table helps the mirror look less lonely and gives my client another
place to put accessories.
it's amazing to see how a few small additions can really perk up a room and make it feel more functional and cohesive. my client did a great job of improvising and saving some money, which i think is one of the best things about having a design plan for a room! if you know the basics of the items to look for, you can find a similar looking item locally for less.

interested in working together to make you space more beautiful and functional? you can see a sample of my services here.
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* i currently have a waiting list of about 6 weeks on full and mini room designs, but can fit a phone consult in anytime!


  1. I love this update - very cheery! It's great to use so much of the existing furniture and accessories.

  2. Great transformation! Love a good e-design after, thanks for sharing!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  3. Where did theslim table come from?

  4. Great updates here! Amazing what a new rug, pillows, and some art do for the space.

  5. Actually the curtain fabric looks like Stockholm-Thomas Paul- Sungold

  6. ooo! right you are! it is thomas pauls stockholm in sungold. good eye, and thanks for the correction!

    also...the console table is part of the slimline series available at room and board.