Sep 12, 2011


this week i am in hawaii, celebrating my 15 year anniversary with my hubby...and, for the first time ever, we took our three kiddos along for the ride! forgive me if it takes a few more hours to respond to any emails...i am on island time...ahhhh.

in the meantime, feel free to enjoy these posts from my archives:

enjoy your day! i know i will...


  1. Love Hawaii. My husband and I both went to school there. A couple years ago we went back and took our boys with us. We had a blast and the boys loved the vacay ever! Enjoy and Aloha!

  2. you luck duck! enjoy your time! happy anniversary to you and your hubs!


  3. can't wait to see what you'll be up to in your new space, but I won't wish for the days to fly since you're soaking in some fun in the sun. =)

  4. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it! Happy 15th anniversary!

  5. Enjoy! What a great place to celebrate your marriage and family!