Sep 29, 2011

inspired by: louis vuitton

check out the amazing louis vuitton window display i spotted while on vacation:
i have to admit, i am more of a coach gal, but these displays had me wanting to sell my car and get
a big fat louis vuitton purse. or wallet. or bracelet. or...whatever they were selling!

uh....wood herringbone floors??
peacock blue with touches of white and gold??
i'm dying of gorgeousness...

i immediately thought about what a beautiful room this window display would translate into...
maybe a little something like this:
(design by markham roberts)

or this:
(design by jan showers)

or this:
(censational girl)

these iphone pictures don't do the blue paint color justice. it was dark and moody, and had a bit more
green than what the photos are showing.

i would love to paint my new office this gorgeous deep blue-green color, but not certain how thrilled i am at the prospect of painting it back when we move again in 1-2 years. i go for it? or play it safe, and paint the walls a more neutral color and bring that gorgeous color in with the drapes? or some art?
i am having such a hard time deciding what to do!

 sorry about the glare! 
but aren't these displays genius?

well played, louis vuitton, well played.

(and aren't you happy that i refrained from using the word "EGG-cellent" during this entire post...
until now?)


  1. Love it! Definitely "egg-cellent" as you said! :)


  2. I love the combination of moody blue and gold. It's perfect. Maybe in accessories and furniture so you can take them with you when you move!

  3. Stunning combo. I say make it a place you love while you are there, it's just paint!

  4. seriously in love with that display