Sep 23, 2011

repurposed closet

i came across this image on pinterest, and thought it was way too 
inventive and creative not to share.
i like how this space doesn't feel like a closet. the small seating area and pendant light really add some
character, and the gallery wall is intriguing and fun. i have seen a lot of closet conversions, but this one
is among my favorites.

* has this week whizzed by, or it is just me? i had BIG plans this week to finish unpacking my house and at least get the beds frames set up. yep...we are still sleeping on mattresses on the floors! the move took SO long (3 days) that by the time the hauling was over, we were both too wiped out to set up the beds. we hired some movers to help us for 5 hours (at $100 an hour!), thinking that we would get two truckloads of stuff transported, but one of the movers happened to be the chattiest guy on earth. i swear he talked 10 times more than he lifted. as a result, we only had professional assistance with one of the 8 loads we took over. everyday, i wake up with a list of about 10 things that i plan to get accomplished that day, and only get about 3 of them done. i am hoping by the end of this weekend, things will feel a little more settled around here...but i will settle for our beds being off the floors and being caught up on the laundry!
have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. Whoa!! Totally love this!! And would be great for our home office!

  2. The little seat would be the perfect place for my kids to sit and wait for a turn on the soon as I get off Pinterest!! ;) Here's another cool version of a closet turned into something else...

    LOVE your blog, Autumn!!

  3. Love the closet! And don't fret about the unpacking - we slept on the floor for weeks waiting for our things to arrive in Dubai.

  4. You WILL get it accomplished and settled. And I love that little pendant in the office.

  5. Moving always takes so much more time than you think it will, doesn't it. Hope you'll feel settled soon.

  6. I have relatives on both Sides who innovated houses by assembling/repurposing items. This is so very cool and resourceful.