Sep 26, 2011

4 simple ideas for accessorizing

just in case you missed it, here is the post that i wrote earlier this month for megan brook handmade :

accessories can add a lot of personal charm and warmth to a room, as well as tell a story about the people that live there. using objects that you truly love, whether they have been found at a thrift store, collected on travels, created by or inherited from a family member, or snagged straight from mother nature, is a guaranteed way to end up with objects worthy of a striking display. 

here are a few simple ideas that you can rely on to assure a polished and interesting look:

1. add some "life". 
i think every room needs to have something alive in it. plants, or fresh flowers are a great way to do this. orchids are a favorite of mine because they last for months and are relatively low maintenance. another  low maintenance way to add some life to a room is with a succulent arrangement, these draught tolerant plants need very little water and add interesting texture and color to a room. consider pairing your greenery with mismatched frames, and other small objects to round out 
any vignette.
low-maintenance succulents look amazing in these diy planters.

a lavender orchid adds some color to this muted, sophisticated foyer.

2. stack some books. 
i am continually amazed at the impact that a small stack of books can add to a room. limit the stack to no more than 5 or six books, but even two large books is adequate. you can either leave the books by themselves or top the stack with a sculpture, decorative bowl, a piece of coral or driftwood, a frame, or some fresh flowers in a vase.
in this dramatic bookcase, featured in lonny, stacked books are topped with decorative objects
resulting in a glamorous, eclectic look.

books are paired with candlesticks, and fresh hydrangeas to complete the blue and 
white theme in this room.

3. use matching lamps to add balance and symmetry to a side table. 
add in other items like frames, or small sculptural objects, taking care to vary the heights of the different objects to create more interest. mixing in candles, mirrors and reflective surfaces like mercury glass can add a romantic glow. 
matching lamps and a large mirror create drama in this foyer.

this dark and dramatic study gets a boost of contrast from matching brass lamps.

4. corral a grouping of unrelated items in a tray. 
a tray will keep the items looking orderly. this look is especially useful when accessorizing an upholstered ottoman. the tray can be moved out of the way when you want to relax and put your feet up.
 flowers, a decorative box, magazines, and other objects look orderly in this wooden tray
 placed on an ottoman.

this shallow bowl/tray holds votives, stacked boxes and a few small objects that together create
a cohesive and interesting vignette.

as you shop, keep an eye out for objects that really speak to you, and only purchase
items that you feel have a timeless appeal to YOU. trends will come and go, and your tastes will
evolve and change. but objects that you love or hold a memory will never change...
and will always look great telling the story of YOU.

hope everyone is having a great monday!


  1. Great post. I love adding plants and books. I'll have to give the other ideas a shot.

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  3. Great tips, accessorizing is always the hardest part for me.