Oct 31, 2012

a spot of orange

phew. halloween is over.
any other moms out there breathing a sigh of relief today?
if you have kids, then you know how much WORK it is to make halloween "happen".
we love it though. don't we?

halloween, of course always brings a few colors to mind. black, orange, purple...
when my kids ask me what my favorite color,  i always answer one of three colors:
mustard yellow, peacock blue or deep pumpkin orange.
(i don't know what it is about these three colors, but something about them just resonates with me.
i don't think i could pick a favorite if i had to!)

here are a few inspiring interiors with just the right spot of orange.

 i am not gonna lie.
 i was too lazy to link every single one of the following pictures, but they are all on


hope your halloween was great!

here are a few snippets of mine:

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