Apr 21, 2013

construction progress: week 24

here is what has been happening at my new house lately:
there was more work on the front retaining wall. the wall will be about 4 feet high on the front of the house, and will continue on the side of the driveway.

the BIG news is that the painters started!
we planned on painting the house ourselves, but the whole TIME vs. money thing was not going to work in our favor if we spent 3 weeks painting. since we kept the colors simple, and we don't have any crown molding or additional trim, we were able to hire a crew to paint the house for us.

 the VERY freshly painted bonus room. as you can see, the paint hasn't even dried yet!

 once the walls were primed, they sprayed the trim.

 the girls bath.

 the doors, already painted and wrapped to prevent over spray from the walls and trim.

 on the main floor, they had to completely cover the floors and the cabinets.

 there is still a LOT to do on the back retaining wall. our original plan was to build a concrete and rock wall, but time and money were running short, so we changed to plan B...

 these large metal cages called gabians....they will be filled with stone, and stacked on top of each other to create the retaining wall in the back. each cage is wired to all of the surrounding cages, so it is super sturdy. 

we plan on getting some type of vine to cover the cages....right now, we are thinking of using creeping fig, but i need to do a little more research before i commit.

 a look at the painted walls.
the color on the walls is actually the "official" ceiling color, so it doesn't look
GREAT with the grey in the marble here, but i will eventually paint the walls.

 more finished paint.

i also dropped off this vintage lantern to get rewired. if anyone lives in salt lake, the BEST place to go is the lamp company, on 7th east, just across from liberty park. they have rewired several lamps for me, and they do a fabulous job, and are always affordable. i got this lantern rewired and got a replacement canopy for around $60. the man who fixed it said it was at least 70 years old. it will hang in my girls bathroom.

*if you follow me in instagram, then you have already seen the picture of the lantern, and you ALSO know that i am about a week behind in posting about my homes progress. this week i will be posting TWO construction progress posts to catch up! it is breathtaking what has happened in the last 5 days!
our target move in time is the first week of may, so things are moving fast!


  1. This is so ezciting, Autumn! It is coming along beautifully. Can't wait to see the other posts you have planned. You must be so thrilled!

  2. Good choice on using painters, they can get the job done so fast! The colors look fantastic! And the best part is that they are almost done with them all, so exciting. The retaining wall in the back, now that is a new one to me! I can't wait to see how it turns out, you guys are so creative when it comes to your plan "b"'s. Guess I better start following you on Instagram to see the on going progress.

  3. What amazing images.... and how neat to spray paint the inside walls & woodwork. We've had built in bookcases spray painted and I do love the look, and feel. And those "cages" are very, very clever! wow, the things we all learn!

  4. I'm a new reader and I'm loving catching up on your house progress. We are set to break ground on our home around the time you should be moving in to yours, and it's very exciting! We've also designed from scratch with a draftsmen, and it's amazing how attached I feel to our floor plan. Thanks for sharing this process- you have fantastic taste!

  5. Great choice to hire painters...I've assumed you've heard the expression that "you can have time, or you can have money, but you can't have both?" My husband refuses to hire painters, so we have...money, and a lot of unfinished projects, ha! ;-) I need to follow you on Instagram, because I'm absolutely in love with your master bath and need to see the latest progress. Thanks for sharing.

  6. So exciting & looking great Autumn! I enjoy following the progress on instagram.

  7. Autumn, I don't know if you have discovered the "restore" but I just bought a bunch of light fixtures from there that they just pulled out of the Montage at Deer Valley. How did I know this, because I recognized them! Amazing huh? I bought all they had of the pewter except one Chandelier. I don't know if you need a Chandelier but it was $165. They are beautiful! It was the Restore in Park City. Here is a photo of it. http://www.houzz.com/photos/330403/Montage-Deer-Valley-traditional-dining-room-salt-lake-city Here is another photo of it.... http://www.barclaybutera.com/c/125/montage-deer-valley.

  8. I had creeping fig on our last home and have it at our current home....I LOVE IT!! You rarely have to cut it in the winter here...but it grows like wildfire in the spring and summer. Love the look of it!

  9. This is getting exciting! Everything is being well painted. And just a little more touches, it will be good to move in. Anyway, the creeping fig is a good idea to give your home a green touch. --->Kayce Church