Apr 15, 2013

construction progress: week 23

this is what has been happening at my new house during the last week:

the tile in the girls shower was installed. i chose a 4 x 16 tile for their shower, to contrast with the smaller tile on the floor. 

here it is installed, with the bull nose trim on the sides, and the tile completed around the window.

once the walls were finished, both the walls and the floors were grouted a warm, taupey color.

 the tile in the master bathroom was completed.

we decided to wrap the tile on the wall around the tub. it wasn't that much more expensive, and it looks amazing! 

the floors in the master, as well as the other upstairs bathroom were all grouted.
i couldn't get a good picture of the upstairs bathroom because there are no windows, and no light in the room.

a better look at the master bathroom. the herringbone is bordered straight tiles, and there are wider tiles where the spaces transition into the other spaces.

the master vanity was set in place. it is so nice to see that touch of walnut! it really adds a nice warmth to the bathroom.
the drawers, and counter tops will be installed soon.

 we picked up the stair treads at home depot.

 ahhh! stairs in the garage! 
after walking into the house on dirty, temporary 2x4 treads, for the last several months, this is a big deal!

 on the outside of the house:
 the concrete was poured to form the front steps.

more progress was made on the retaining wall in the front of the house.

there is still a LOOOOOOONG way to go on the retaining wall in the back.
ugh. looking at this makes me cringe. there is so much work that needs to happen back here!
my husband and a few of his very amazing friends are tackling this project, and all i have to say is that they are amazing for helping us out!

and back to the inside....
a handrail for the garage steps was also installed.

 and work was started on the stairs. we originally planned on carpeting the stairs, because it was going to  cost too much to buy "nice" wood and finish them, but our installer did such a nice job with the pine and poplar, that we decided to go ahead and paint them. the landing will still be carpeted, and we will add a runner eventually, but for now, the risers will be white and the treads will be black.

 we selected simple, square balusters and maple handrails (since they were the least expensive.)
the balusters will be painted white and the handrails will be painted black.

we also opted for a simple, square newel post.
it will also be painted white.

 it is amazing how having real stairs makes the house feel so "finished".
and safe.
i don't have to worry about my kids falling down the stairs every 5 seconds!

 and, as always, there was cleaning to do!

 for a brief moment, right before the painters arrived, the house looked like this!
ahhh! so clean. 
but it didn't last!

 the finished stairs.

the view from the kitchen island.

it's really coming along!
next up:

then, the electricians will be back, the countertops will be installed, and the plumbers will come back and set all of the faucets and toilets. and more cleaning. after that? carpet and finishing the hardwood! and of course, cleaning and then MOVING.
it's really starting to feel real!

 oh, and just a heads up---i had to change the settings on the comment section. i was a LOT of spam comments. like 20 a day! so, to ward them off, i have temporarily changed the comments settings. i know it is annoying, but i will remove it in a few weeks.


  1. I'm so excited, and it's not even my house! It is looking so amazing, I bet you can't wait to be in it (and I can't wait to see what you will do then)!

  2. Stunning! Totally loving the pair of windows in your kitchen. Great symmetry. Also, the herringbone pattern in the master - LOVE! M.

  3. So much progress, its really looking fantastic, the painting will have sucha huge impact. I cant wait to see your staircase painted!

  4. Wow, things are coming together beautifully! I am in love with your master bathroom! You mentioned carpet is one of your next to dos.. Do you have any strong recommendations? I am looking to carpet my basement.

    I am loving your posts.

  5. I'm thinking you need to have an open house once you get the house finished for us local readers. Maybe one before furnishings and one after! Every choice you make has been gorgeous. Thanks for letting me live through you?)

  6. I really love the view through the stairs. Beautiful. I love watching your home process step by step. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I live in a home with a lot of oak... so looking at your pictures makes me want to paint everything in my home. ;-)

  7. OMG it looks sooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!! I love seeing the week to week updates! keep 'em coming!!! You must be estatic!

  8. Autumn! It is looking amazing! I am so so happy for you! I hope I get the chance to see it someday!