Apr 23, 2013

hardware for the kitchen + master bathroom

i finally decided on hardware for my kitchen and master bedroom. i was actually hoping to not have to decide until after we moved in, but since my cabinets are full overlay, it would have made opening any drawers or cabinet doors very difficult!

i spent hours and hours looking at hardware online and in stores. almost to the point of exhaustion.
i added the ones i liked the best to my pinterest board called "hardware", and narrowed the selection down from there. 
i seemed to gravitate towards hardware from rocky mountain hardware and alno creations, 
but most of their knobs and pulls were around $30 EACH. 
not happening. 

for the kitchen, i want a streamlined polished nickel pull with a squared back where the pull meets the cabinet. some sites referred to this as "mission style". once i knew what i was looking for, it was easier to find some nice options.

in the kitchen, i narrowed down the choice between:

and these.

i love the hand forged look of the first pulls, but i ended up buying the second one--the jeffery alexander by hardware resources belcastle collection in polished nickel. 
it really came down to 2 things:

1. price. the first pulls (mission style D pulls were $10 each, and the jeffrey alexander ones were $6)
2. the jeffrey alexander pulls had longer pulls available, which i wanted for a few cabinets.

here is another look at the kitchen, for reference:

here is exactly what i ordered:

these knobs are for the two drawers above the counter tops, as well as three smaller drawers on the other  side of the kitchen.

two of these will be placed on each larger drawer, and one on each cabinet door.

 the larger pulls will be used on the pull out trash and the two larger pantry doors. (they also carry some REALLY long pulls, which i loved, but they were over $100 each. i opted for the ones that were only $11.)

and just to mix it up a bit, i opted for these latches on the cabinets over the fridge/freezer.

here is a look at the hardware in person:
(minus the latches....i forgot to grab them.)

the master bathroom was much easier to decide.
i knew i wanted a large, single ring pull in the cabinet under the sink.
i saw this pull months and months ago, and knew it was "the one."
i ordered it in polished chrome.

for the drawers, i chose this pull, also in polished chrome. 

the online pictures do not do these pulls justice! they are gorgeous in person, and coordinate beautifully with the ring pull!

here they are together in person:


  1. You have fantastic taste! I love what you chose.

    My family room plan that we worked one together is coming together. I will send you photos when I get further along.


  2. So, how do you know where to place pulls vs knobs? I'm replacing my hardware in my kitchen, but I'm not sure which goes where? Thanks for the tip!


  3. Hardware makes me giddy! A friend actually has the first knob you posted throughout his kitchen. While beautiful, I found them a bit "slippy" and hard to get a good grip on. LOVE the ring pull and the sleek pull for the bathroom.

  4. Decisions, decisions... yes, hardware is exhausting! I'm trying to decide on new pulls for my office built-ins. No big deal really, but oh my I simply cannot decide. Lots of Evernote notes for this one!
    I do love all your choices: just perfect!

  5. If you want to have full return on investment on your kitchen cabinets, you have to hire experienced and professional people to get the job done. Not all can handle this and you may have to compromise with your kitchen design if installation is improper.

  6. Stunning! Can you tell me where you sourced your recessed cabinet pulls on the kitchen island. They are beautiful.