Sep 8, 2013

Choosing the Right Bedroom Furniture for Your Home (guest post)

You'd be amazed at how many people, having recognised the need for new bedroom furniture,  simply go out and buy the first thing that catches their eye. This is obviously a schoolboy error. For not only does your bedroom furniture need to provide a practical use, but it clearly also needs to fit in with the rest of your room, both physically and from a design perspective. So before you go out and purchase on impulse, consider some of these important guidelines. 

Is It Going to Fit?

This may seem like a very elementary question, but it's incredibly important. Not only do you need to know if your new bedroom furniture is going to physically fit in the desired room, but you also need to consider how much space will be left afterwards. After all, there is no point in having a luxurious double bed that is almost wall-to-wall, leaving no remaining space for other things. The most practical way around this issue is of course to measure your room properly before committing to any new furniture. Double check your measurements, write them down and then keep them on hand when you shop in store or at an online retailer. 

Does It Match the Interior Design of Your Home?

This is very much down to your own personal sense of style. Where previous approaches to interior design dictated that furniture all be uniform and matching, this is not so much the case in contemporary practice. From the current perspective, an eclectic mix of styles can be even more pleasing on the eye, providing you have the ability to distinguish fusion from confusion. If you're unsure, then choosing quality wood furniture – such as the beds from Fortune Woods – is always a safe bet. Unless you have a particularly futuristic or sterile home décor, well made oak beds tend to go with just about any interior design scheme. 

Does it Serve Its Purpose?

Beyond style and size, bedroom furniture clearly needs to perform a task as well. A lovely oak cabinet may be a perfect fit both practically and stylistically, but does it actually provide enough storage? Similarly, treating the kids to their own futon might be a sweet idea in theory, but will there then be enough room for their other possessions? Try not to be impulsive during your purchase based simply on your aesthetic attachment to a piece of furniture. If it isn't going to work from a practical perspective, you'll need to look for alternatives. 

Style, Size and Practicality

Selecting the right bedroom furniture for a room is not as simple as going on instinct. Size, style and practicality should all play an equally important role in your choice. 

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