Sep 3, 2013

bathroom stalker - park city restaurant

i appreciate good design no matter where i find it. but it seems that i find it a lot in bathrooms. (maybe i have bathrooms on the brain lately?)
my latest bathroom beauty is from talisker on main in park city, utah.
(a very amazing pace to eat, by the way!)

let's talk about that wallpaper!

 it gives a great graphic punch, but the blue and white scheme makes it feel like and fresh and light.

the bold floral art adds a touch of femininity to the space that is colorful and unexpected.

the classic marble vanity, gold + crystal sconce and classic black/white tile floor add to the fun mix!

the silver gilded/metal wrapped mirror is a bit of a surprise, and works well with everything else in the bath...such a feminine and cheery look!

this would be really easy to replicate on a budget:




floor tile



hope y'all had a great weekend!


  1. I love bathrooms! My favorite place in the world is the women's bathroom in Nordstom City Creek. Haha!

  2. I love the "get the look" part of this article. So cool to see the pieces come together and make the look feel achievable!

  3. Nothing is more classic than blue, black and white!

  4. This is beautiful and classy restaurant in the city.