Sep 28, 2013

Create Tone and Atmosphere through Lighting (a guest post)

You will find that when most people begin to decorate a room in the homes there is always one important element that they overlook and only address towards the end, but really it should be thought about right from the beginning. This is not the floor, wallpaper or furniture, it is the lighting. Lighting is hugely important in every single room in the house, and when done right it can make any room like bright, welcoming and attractive. Lighting also has the ability to create tone and atmosphere, so it can also be used as part of the interior design style that you are using in your home. 

Whether you are going for an ultra modern look or more of a traditional interior design style you will be able to add to this through the use of light, and it should play a large feature in your design plans for each room. It can be used to highlight certain items in a room like some artwork or the furniture, it can also be used to keep some areas darker for a blend of light and dark in one space, and as well as this the type of light can be used as decoration too. For example you can get some beautiful chrome ceiling pendants that can really add some style, and when this is in tune with the furniture and decoration you have in a room it can really look very smart and professional.

Getting it Right
If you have ever walked into a lounge or similar room in someone’s home before and taken note of how they have used light, then you may also have noticed that they have used a few different lighting sources to get this effect. This could be a combination of ceiling lights, decorative lamps, spotlights, wall brackets amongst other types. Of course you do not want too many different sources omitting different types of light, as this would make the room too bright and uncomfortable to be in, so you are best off with just a few different sources, and use them to highlight certain areas in the room. It can be difficult to get right, but with a bit of pre planning and experimentation you should be able to use lighting as part of your interior design style and create atmosphere and tone with it. 

You will want to find the most stylish and widest range of light types, and this is why it is worthwhile visiting a lighting specialist, such as Scotlight Direct. It is remarkable the difference that good lighting can have on a room, so make sure that you use this tip to your advantage when decorating your home.

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