Sep 14, 2013

maximizing closet space

How to Maximize Closet Space in Your Apartment

When you’re looking for apartments for rent, one thing that may jump out is the tiny closets. Small apartments are known for a lack of proper closet space, but if it’s the apartment you want (and can afford), you’re going to have to make it work. Don’t worry.  With a few simple tricks you can maximize the space in your apartment closet.

Start by Looking at What You Have


The very first step is to look at what you have before you start trying to tuck it all into the closet. Get rid of the tops you haven’t worn in years, old shoes, ripped items. Donate, recycle, give away and trash the stuff that really is, well . . . trash. If you don’t really need it, there’s no point in trying to fit it into your apartment or home closet.

Also consider your wardrobe. Is it July and you’re looking at a pile of bulky sweaters? Or is it December and you have a bunch of shorts and swim suits? Consider splitting out seasonal items and storing them when they’re out of season. These items could go in a bin under a bed or in a closet. Space-saving bags are great for sweaters and winter jackets.

Assess the Closet Space


The next step is to figure out what you’re working with. In most apartments for rent, the closet space is not maximized very well. There may be a single rod or worse, two rods that split the hanging space and don’t allow for longer items. Take a look and see what you have available so you can start to strategize.


Don’t forget to look up. Often there is a shelf with tons of space available above it. Also consider the open wall space inside the closet that may or may not already have hooks installed.

Baskets, Racks and Hooks, Oh My!


Now it’s time to utilize every available closet organizational tool. Start with hangers. It may be worthwhile to invest in quality hangers. Many have padded arms to keep wide-neck or slippery clothes from landing on the floor. Also, check out the tiered hangers to truly maximize space. These hangers allow 3 or even 4 items to be hung on one hanger. You can triple your closet space.

If you don’t have any drawers, you can pick up some baskets for loose items like socks and underwear. Hanging shelves and racks can help organize shoes and other items. In fact, the pockets designed to hold shoes can also hold jewelry, swim suits, toiletries and more.
Not all apartments for rent have small closets, but if you’re faced with a closet that just doesn’t fit your stuff, don’t get discouraged. With a little imagination and a trip to the closet organization aisle at your local housewares store, you can maximize and organize your apartment closet space.

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  1. Great post. I will be re-doing my closet at some point this year and these photos are getting me excited!