Sep 10, 2013

a peek at grady's finished bath

well, after weeks months of delay, and a massive paint spill, grady's bathroom is finally finished!
i am working on getting a professional photographer to take some pictures in the next week or two, but until then, here is a quick look with some lame phone pictures:

i will be posting more about both the sign above the toilet and the framed "divided" bison print soon!
oh, and i had a small miracle happen to me a few weeks ago---after an exhaustive online search for the perfect mirror for above the vanity, i walked into my local homegoods store, and spotted THIS beauty:

and the best part??

yeah. that was a pretty. good. day.

some sources: 
(a complete list will accompany the final photos)
wall color: cumulus cloud-benjamin moore
flooring: montauk black slate, 12 x 24
vanity: logan vanity-restoration hardware (discontinued)
shower curtain: 84" drapery panels-marshalls (similar)


  1. Looks so good. Love the artwork and double pendants!

  2. Just awesome! Love all of the details and personal touches and nothing like a great bargain to put a smile on your face!!!

  3. Looks great! Love the pit stop and usa art :)

  4. So great, autumn! I love how the art (and everything else) turned out. I love every single one of your posts! Tris

  5. PERFECTION! I love, love, love the rustic but polished vibe. And that shower curtain! Can't wait to see more!


  6. Looks really great! Love your tile combo!

  7. This bathroom looks awesome! I'm very jealous of the HomeGood's find!

  8. Oh this is awesome. What a lucky kid!

  9. Love it! Can you tell me what color was used on the door?

    1. it is BM "blackjack"
      it is one shade lighter than "onyx", which is my all time favorite black.

  10. htpp:// What a lucky son! great bathroom .