Sep 20, 2013

Tips for Creating a Warm and Welcoming Home (a guest post)

When decorating your home you will want to have a warm, attractive and welcoming atmosphere created that you will be able to feel as soon as you walk through the front door. This atmosphere will help you to unwind and relax whenever you are at home which is of course hugely important, but not just this it will also mean that any guests that you have over will also feel welcomed and able to relax too. This is sometimes something that you may have felt when you have visited a friend, and they will have achieved this tone and atmosphere through their interior design style.

There are a number of things that you can do to create this warm and welcoming feel in your home, but generally it comes down to planning and good decoration. It is a good idea to incorporate colours such as deep reds, browns and oranges, and then this works very well with wooden furniture too. It is also important to buy comfortable chairs and sofas but not clutter the area too much, and as well as this it helps to have some personal decoration in the form of artwork, family photos and more.

The Benefits of a Wood Burning Stove
Another top tip for creating a welcoming atmosphere in your home is to have a wood burning stove in one room, as this can make any room feel instantly ‘homey’ and relaxing. We all find fire very appealing and even hypnotising, and with your own wood burning stove in place you will find that you will spend time simply watching the flames flicker. This is not the only advantage however, these stoves can also act as a terrific heat source for your home, and they could help you to save a large sum on your energy bills each month, and this way you are also being eco friendly too.

Wood burning stoves can look great in any home, and you can also find ones that will fit with whatever interior design style you have too. By visiting wood burning stove suppliers, like Glowing Embers, you will find a wide range of stove types like cast iron stoves, contemporary wood burning stoves, enamelled stoves, inset stoves, flue systems and plenty more.

Following these tips will help you to create that all important warm and welcoming feel in your home, and by bringing in a stove you will also be bringing in a fantastic heat source which could save you money as well. This makes it a great investment and something that will add a huge amount to your home in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

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