Nov 3, 2011

the not so great room

i have major design a.d.d on my house right now.
there are SO many projects to do, and things to organize/paint/refinish/hang it seems overwhelming.
at first, i was going to put my time and budget towards the library and my office, but i have realized after living in the house for the last 2 months, that i really want to great room to feel more polished and pulled together before i tackle those rooms.

* i would LOVE the paint the walls, but this room is open to a large majority of the main floor, and if i changed the color, i would have to  do a LOT of painting. not gonna happen.
* the rug, sofa, and chairs all need to stay. they are all old and i am frankly a little sick of them, but i can't afford to replace them right now.
* i am not a big fan of the vaulted ceilings, and the floor plan of the room, but the wood floors are great.
* there is a ceiling fan with fluorescent bulbs in it that is centered in the "space" but not centered in the "living area". i really want to take it down and replace it with something prettier., and when i do, i will most likely swag it over and center it in the seating area. i am also not a huge fan of the dining room light, and will swap that out for a light that i purchased for our last rental house and never got to hang.

here is my plan for the next few weeks:

i have already purchased some drapes from ikea. there are 4 windows to cover, and i knew getting something custom would totally blow my budget. i plan on dressing them up a bit by adding some trim to the edges. i plan on using grays, oranges, as well as camels and blacks.
i have my eye on some pretty fabrics, many of which are costly, so i am still trying to decide if i should go for it or not. i would love to replace the rug, the sofa and the tan chair (or get it recovered) but that is not going to happen anytime soon.
i am getting the cushions for the chair on the right recovered. they should be done by the end of the week. we have a larger tv that will be moved above the's football season right now, and as soon as my husband gets his projector hooked up in the basement, it will make it's way here.
i have had a large mirror in storage for the last few years, and i plan on painting it and placing it in between the chairs.
wish me luck! i am excited to pull this room together...i am also working on grady's room, and have a plan pulled together for it, which i will share soon!


  1. Looks like you at least have a working plan! That's more than I can say, I usually have a million projects all going on at once!

  2. It is SO MUCH WORK! Especially when on a budget--so much more time to source and make stuff. Moe than a year in, I'm still working on our new house. While the main stuff has been done for a while, I keep doing projects that seem secondary, but when they're done I think, how did I live with a completely blank hallway for so long? (Or whatever.) GOOD LUCK! One thing at a time.


  3. The plan looks great! I know it's hard when there are soooo many projects to do at once. It can be a bit overwhelming! I'm looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

  4. Good luck on your project! The plan sounds great - can't wait to see everything when its finished!


  5. Lots of great ideas!!! Sometimes I don't think decorating is ever really done (for me anyway).

  6. I love that you keep it real Autumn! Like most of us who love to decorate but don't have the budget to start from scratch, it's all about the choices we make and the little details that can make a difference. This looks like a great space to focus on and you seem to have reigned in your decorating A.D.D. with your plan!

  7. I'm anxious to see your finished area, A...the plan looks like a good one. I'm anxious to drive down to Cincy's Ikea and check out the drapes. I feel a change is needed for us too. Re: the one chair...I'm not a fan of covers; but maybe one could work as a temporary change until you have a replacement(?).

  8. Wow! how exciting. Can't wait to follow the process and see what fabulous things you do in there! M.

  9. Good luck! You're going to have a brand new room once you're done!

  10. I like how you are showing the viewer how to infuse "new" items with "used" items in your home, because this is a dilema we all typically face. A homeowner or designer constantly asks, "What do we keep? What's worth while?" And the all important, "what can i afford to get new and/or fix?" I like so much how you are showing the "process" and not just the pretty finished pictures!!!! Love it! You rule!!! I'd love to meet you sometime I am in SLC.



  11. Have you considered putting the TV on the wall with the chairs? It would look good on a long dresser. Or, turning the couch to face the tv/fireplace with a sofa table behind it?? It just looks like your main seating you'll have to turn sideways and look up to watch tv. Anywhooo....I have decorating ADD as well!! I need to carry an notebook with me when I clean b/c I go from room to room and constantly think of things I want to do. Pinterest has put me over the edge! lol

  12. It's overwhelming isn't it, moving into a new space? So many spaces that need attention but not enough time or energy to get it all done as quickly as you'd like, especially with a budget in mind. I think your ideas are great - I only have one suggestion - how about moving the sofa to face the fireplace and put a sofa table behind it? It will make tv viewing much easier. Then just put the two chairs opposite one another flanking the fireplace. Just a thought... :)

  13. thank you for the comments and suggestions everyone! i am SO appreciative.
    i would LOVE to have the sofa facing the couch...but because the sofa is so bulky, it would really stick into walkway into the kitchen. the room is deceptively narrow because of that...there are actually only about 9 feet from the edge of the tile surround on the fireplace, and the side wall of the room. it's and awkward space...
    we also do most of our "together" tv watching downstairs in our basement where we have a comfy sectional.
    if we bought a new sofa, i would probably try to change the layout, but for now, this layout is going to have to work! i loved, loved hearing all of your suggestions! keep em coming!