Nov 22, 2010

fall flower arrangement on the cheap

last week, it was my turn to host book club.
i have been in this book club for almost a year 
(my first book club, ever),
 and this month was my turn to select the book and to host our dinner and discussion.
(and, just in case you were wondering, 
i selected "the help" by kathryn stockett, and it was fabulous.)
i wanted to have a nice, 
season appropriate flower arrangement(s), 
but i didn't want to spend a fortune.
here is how one of my arrangements turned out...
i was able to make two arrangements for $10.
(there was a buy one, get one free deal...the roses were
9.99, and the mixed bouquet was 6.99, so i got it free!)
it started like this:
a dozen cream roses, 
and typical grocery store "fall" bouquet---
what is is with those pre-made bouquets?
80% of the flowers are pretty, and look great together, and then they always seem to throw in some
random, ugly flowers that don't seem to belong.
in this case, there were some really pretty brownish flowers, 
and then some bright red and yellow carnations. 
no thank you.
not what i had in mind.
i took out the bright flowers, and mixed some
branches and leaves from my yard with the roses and other flowers.
i love how the silver looks against all the warm tones of the arrangement.
i bought that little aluminum vase at a thrift store for .75.
the wheat adds a nice texture.
wouldn't an arrangement like this look
great at a thanksgiving table?
this is the second arrangement i made.
i used a glass vase, and filled the bottom with rocks.
i'm really happy with the way they turned out...
cheap, easy and pretty.
(my favorite!)


  1. the first one is my favorite - that vase really sets it off, but great job on the budget arraingements. hope your book club meeting went well

  2. The arrangements are gorgeous and capture fall perfectly! By the way, that book is on my reading list as well!

  3. very pretty, I love the contrast!

  4. Very pretty, fresh flowers are always a nice addition when you're entertaining.

    My book club read The Help last year as well. Great book, it really makes you appreciate how far we've come in this country.

  5. Autumn,
    You're so talented! Love your arrangements - beautiful!! I really enjoyed The Help...since reading I'm not into chocolate pie anymore ; )

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