Nov 3, 2010

fall wreaths + decor

many, MANY thanks for all the sweet comments on yesterdays post.
it truly made my day. made my WEEk.
so thanks again.
you. are. the best.
now, lets get on with the pretties!
this week,  i am going to be posting some great 
inspiration for fall decorating.
this wreath is seriously gorgeous.
this is from martha stewart, and i am almost 
positive that the leaves 
and acorns are all handmade.
which, in my opinion, is complete crafting insanity.
i would love to make this wreath,
but i would love for someone else to make me one 
and give it to me MORE.
another simple, lovely wreath.
i liked the green mixed in with this wreath.
it's a nice bridge into christmas decor.
i don't know what it is, but i love arrangements and 
wreaths with nuts.
i think it's the unique, and earthy.
fruits are always fun in wreath too, and bring a lot of color.
i love these simple arrangements.
love that each post has a different kind of grain...
great textures!
this is also a martha stewart image, scanned from a page i tore out of a magazine a loooong time ago.
i always thought that when i was home with my kids, 
i would spend my fall days making beautiful
pinecone garland and homemade christmas ornaments.
instead, i was always up to my eyeballs in diapers and sippy cups, and nap time never seemed to last long enough.  
i guess i will just say what i seem to say a LOT...
maybe i will attempt to make this
NEXT year!
i love the simplicity of this.
so pretty.
 the colors on this are so inviting!
---and on these little boxes and invites as well.
there is just something so appealing about  
cinnamon and chocolate 
brown together.
this is a great arrangement as well.
so simple, and elegant.
i'll be back tomorrow with some pretty
fall tablescapes!


  1. I am loving the rectangular wreath with fruit embellishment.

  2. Love love most of these picts. I borrowed some for my own inspiration files. I plan on using wheat this year and you had some great images. I hope you don't mind me borrowing them. Kathysue

  3. Thanks for the good ideas....the Thanksgiving menu is not even a thought yet...all I am focused on is the table!!!! Great ideas...and thanks for sharing Twig & Thistle. ~Jennifer